Red Copper Beech

There is no better addition to an arrangement this fall than some Red Copper Beech leaves. These gorgeous stems look like the crisp fall air feels and instantly create a rustic autumn vibe wherever they are placed. 

Cremon Virginia Red

Alongside our Virginia bronze Cremon, we also have a selection of reds. Like the Bronze Cremon, these red blooms are unmatched when it comes to bringing rustic textured charm to any event this fall. A perfect flower to demonstrate the start of autumn. 

Seeded Eucalyptus Painted Red

Seeded Eucalyptus being the versatile plant that it is when it comes to arrangements can be used in autumn seasonal events and summer alike. We have a beautiful selection of painted eucalyptus in a fall red that can used to add texture and some September accent to any...


Solidago, also known as goldenrods, add a flurry of light and buoyancy to arrangements or centerpieces.These small wildflowers are ideal for a rustic theme and are an easy filler flower to add playfulness to any type of event decor this September. 

Agonis Foliage

Agonis Foliage is a an excellent addition to add some mysterious and darker hues to an arrangement with its deep purple and green hues. These willowy stems are perfect for adding some flair of texture as well. 

August Flowers at Main 2021

As summer continues on and we reach the dog days of August, with the heat comes the spectacular showing of many flowers at peak season. From the radiant Sunflower to the colorful Hydrangea, Main Wholesale Florist is fully stocked for all of your late summer floral...

Eryngium Thistle from South America

At first glance, the Eryngium Thistle can seem a little intimidating but do not fret! These spiked beehive flowers are an excellent way to add texture and color with their signature blue tint to any centerpiece or bouquet arrangement for rustic themed weddings in...