Known for it’s starburst shape and pincushion center, the Astrantia’s evanescent colors and subtle beauty make them a great addition for a wedding arrangement or a bouquet of their own. 


Astilbe’s are characterized by their summer colors and plume-like shape and feel. They are excellent for adding a delicate texture to any arrangement. These feathery flowers also symbolize patience and dedication which make them an excellent addition for wedding...


Cymbidiums, also known as boat orchids, are known for an abundant bloom of impressive flowers in a close-knit array close to the stem. With a wide range of colors and it’s longevity once cut, Cymbidiums are commonly used as decorative corsages. 

June Flowers at Main 2021

June is an undeniably exciting time in the flowering world as it is the pinnacle of the springtime blossom and a perfect time to for some early summer perennials.  Here are some of our favorite selections for June and the beginning of summer from the Main Wholesale...

Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow branches are a unique floral item and widely used to make a statement. Long woody stems with soft, fluffy, grey blossoms brings texture to any arrangement. Pussy willows represent motherhood, protection in the home and peace.