confused customer asks

“What does it mean when a flower has a spray?” A confused customer asks. Here at Main Wholesale Florist we want to help answer these types of questions!

No, one cannot mist liquid from their blooms or stems. These wholesale flowers simply have multiple blooms per stem which creates gorgeous clusters of petals. Available in a vast array of flower types, these are a great alternative to flowers that only come with one bloom per stem.

confused customer asks

Some other great qualities that are worth noting

They are cost effective

Flowers that come in sprays can help stretch the budget of your customers a bit farther as well as help you as the retail owner to save a bit of money in the process. Most wholesale flowers are sold by the bunch coming with 10 stems usually.

Great to use as fillers

They not only help to save on your cost but they are also great to fill space. Multiple blooms per stems means that there will be more volume to fill with.  You will be able to create large and dimensional designs that your customers will absolutely love.

Smaller in size

These wholesale blooms are usually smaller versions of their full sized cousins. Prom designs for example are usually designed for small wrists. You do not want large blooms that will overpower or weigh down the wearer. That is why spray blooms would be the perfect option for such designs!

Visit your local wholesale florist where you can see what varieties of flowers are offered. You will find various examples such as alstroemeria, spray roses, pompon daisies, pompon buttons, mini carnations, lisianthus, and dianthus to name a few.

Visit our New Jersey and New York locations to see a huge selection of wholesale flowers! They can also be delivered directly to your retail ship using our Flower Express service. Share with us what flowers are a must for you when it comes to the spray varieties. What varieties tend to be the most popular for your business? We are so excited to chat with all of you!

confused customer asks