Famous for its rich blue color and distinct aroma, larkspurs are a symbol of optimism wherever they are placed. These breathtaking stems filled to the brim with small yet vibrant blue blooms are versatile and can be used across an array of wedding styles and...


Peonies are one of the most popular flowers for weddings. From their heavily petaled, pillow-like bloom to their unmistakable spring fragrance, these popular flowers are a must-have in any wedding arrangement this year.


Forsythia bring out the joy and upbeat colors and shapes to any bouquet they are a part of. Their long branches filled with bursts of yellow blooms are easily adjustable and some unique textures to leafy green backdrops. 


The Iris, known as a royal flower for its deeply saturated purple color, is the radiant attention-grabber a bouquet or arrangement always needs. Elegant and long-lasting, these intense flowers bring both a sense of royalty and a rustic feel depending on how one...

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies, closely related to the Sunflower, are know for their bold and brilliants colors. These long-lasting blooms add intense color and a cheery demeanor wherever they may be used. 


As some of the first perennials to bloom of the year, daffodils are another great choice for the early spring. They’re elegant and unique shape, though delicate, adds a perfect amount of zest to a wide variety of springtime arrangements. 

Cherry Blossom

Also known in Japanese as “sakura”, Cherry Blossoms are characterized by their light pink pedals and short life spans. A true introduction to the spring season, the Cherry Blossom symbolizes renewal and the fragility of life. These tiny flowers are a great addition to...

Tulips from Canada

Tulips, with their elegant teacup shaped blooms and long green stems, help breakthrough the icy season and serve as a great reminder that the warmer weather and sunny days are just around the corner. Tulips are a great way to bring some Spring cheer to any arrangement...

March Flowers at Main 2022

March means Spring is right around the corner and, of course, there is an abundance of fresh flowers that will be there to help guide us out of winter and into the warmer months ahead. There is always a lot to look forward to in March and our freshly stocked flowers...