Have you noticed any changes in the types of flowers your customers seek for their floral designs? Perhaps you’ve seen an uptake in sales for a particular color or type of flower. Pantone, a leader in the design industry annually introduces a color of the year. These selections help to dictate consumer choice as well as sales. That being said, the wholesale flower industry is not one to ignore trends!

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The 2017 color of is called greenery, a bright-toned green, reminiscent of nature and life. This is not a deep green that is often seen in foliage. Instead, this is an eye-catching neon green. As the retail florist, you should keep this popular shade readily available in your shop. Here are some great greenery wholesale flowers that you can find at Main Wholesale Florist that will sure make your customers green with envy:

  • Spider Anastasia Green
  • Bupleurum
  • Amaranthus Hanging Green
  • Green Tea Roses
  • Kale Green

To encourage your customers to select flowers within this color family follow a few simple steps:

  1. Create beautiful arrangements to display in your cooler as well as in your storefront.
  2. Be ready to answer the question of what colors coordinate with these flowers? Some options are purple, white, yellow, and cream for example.
  3. Advertise on your social media accounts and send out email blasts to spread awareness regarding Pantone’s 2017 color palette.
  4. Visit your local wholesale florist to see the newest varieties available.


Here at Main Wholesale Florist, we are happy to answer any questions that you might have! We are your source for the freshest wholesale flowers. Visit our New Jersey and New York locations to see in person what beautiful greenery flowers and foliage that we currently carry. You can also have your flowers delivered directly to your retail location using our Flower Express Service.