The U.S. floral industry has become highly dependent on international flower growers. However, the U.S. economy has has created demand for locally grown flowers. Americans are increasingly trying to support local business in order help boost our economy. America’s top floral industry professionals have band together to create solutions that make locally grown flowers affordable, available, and consistent like their international competition.

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Sahara Rose – Neve Brothers Rose Farm

Floral Management Magazine’s October 2013 issue features the story “West Coast Grower Promotes Locally Grown To USDA“. The article highlights a California grower’s opportunity  to communicate the need for locally grown flowers to an official that influences agricultural policy. The USDA deputy was taken on a tour of a local California farm where he was shown the importance of domestic flower farming to the U.S. economy. The grower from Neve Brothers Rose Farm highlighted the jobs involved and the need for support from the USDA for growth and sustainability for American flower farmers.

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Many American florists have done their best to get product from wholesaler’s who source flowers from domestic growers. In order to make this effort successful the floral industry must be mindful enough to choose locally grown flowers when the option is available. It is important to our economy, our job development, and flower industry as a whole. Each one of us has the power to help the cause in some way.

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