00465A__Rose_Freedom_Red_50_Cm_gIt is no secret that the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day is the Red Freedom rose. This rose is the epitome of passion and romance with its vibrant red color. That being said, here at Main Wholesale Florist we strive to provide fabulous roses and other great products for your Valentine’s Day needs.

The Red Freedom rose is special because of where it comes from. They are grown in Ecuador and Colombia in rich volcanic soil and are shipped to us directly from the farms.

Wholesale florists sell open-cut roses to their customers. This type of production allows for the rose’s stems to be stronger and longer. It also guarantees that the blooms will open up to their maximum size and have a substantially long vase life. These roses will still have their guard petals which means that they are not “retail-ready” quite yet. When our customers purchase these beautiful flowers they will then process the roses and remove the guard petals to create amazing arrangements for their retail stores. This variety of rose typically has a full vase life of 10-14 days from the time it enters our facilities.

When this rose is purchased the best method for rehydration would be to place them in large buckets filled with cool or room temperature water. The head size for a standard 50 cm wholesale rose is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, which is sure to make this a statement flower for your customers!

At Main Wholesale Florist, we are so very happy to make any suggestions and offer advice regarding your wholesale flowers. Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have your whole sale Red Freedom roses shipped directly to your retail location. Make sure to get your Valentine’s Day orders in sooner than later!