Helpful Hints to Improve Thanksgiving Holiday Sales

Over the years the wholesale flower industry has noticed decreases in Thanksgiving sales. Most people chalk it up to the economy and the fact that people are more cautious with spending their hard-earned money. There are so many amazing fall toned flowers that your customers are missing out on because of this. How can it be improved? The key is to promote Thanksgiving sales.

Take these steps to enhance your Thanksgiving sales:


Advertise for the holiday:

Put large posters in your store front window that tells customers about what you have to offer this season. Make it bright with autumnal colors. Partner with local businesses in the area to create buzz. Also, be sure to advertise across your social media platforms. This will help to attract some online foot traffic too.

Set up displays in your shop:

Set up displays in your shop to show customers examples of what you can create for their holiday tables and parties. Show different types of centerpieces and arrangements. These examples will entice customers for sure! Also, be sure to include a good variety of flowers with festive colors to attract clientele. Various colors might be orange, yellow, bronze, red, and white. Always attach a business card to anything you create. You could receive new business via referral.

Reach out to past customers:

Reach out to those who have placed orders in the past. You can either e-mail or call them depending how you communicate with customers. Tell them that you really appreciated their business and what you will be offering this season. It’s worth a shot to solicit business, especially if it helps your shop to profit.

Finally, the most important step and top of advice would be to visit your local wholesale florist. They will offer essential information that will help you to source the highest quality wholesale flowers for your shop. Come visit Main Wholesale Florist’s two locations in New Jersey and New York. Flowers can also be delivered directly to your retail location using our Flower Express service. Let us know if you have any other tips to offer to boost sales this turkey season. We hope that you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving season!