Congratulations to Karin’s Florist,located in Vienna Virginia, for being named “The Best in America”. The award was announced by Steve Harvey TV on NBC! This honor, from The Neighborhood Awards recognize small local businesses like florists, restaurants, day cares , and businesses that make a direct impact on the community around them. Karin's Florist Named Best in AmericaThe support of companies like the local florist is something wonderful to witness. We hope that more of you get a shot at this type of success. To read more about how Karin’s Florist won please visit NBC Washington. Also you can watch the very special acceptance speech made by the third generation family member running her grandfather’s prized business.

Some other favorite awards were given to “The Best Principal”, “The Best School Bus Driver”, “The Best Police Officer”, and much more! To support these wonderful Neighborhood awards visit the NBC Steve Harvey TV website to watch all the footage.