June is an undeniably exciting time in the flowering world as it is the pinnacle of the springtime blossom and a perfect time to for some early summer perennials. 

Here are some of our favorite selections for June and the beginning of summer from the Main Wholesale Florist catalogue


Although roses tend to be thought of as February’s flower because of Valentine’s Day, June is truly the month of the rose. The emblem of romance and passion, the rose’s bloom is a sign of wedding season and the summer to come.

Fun fact:

June is also the birth flower month for the rose (as well as the Honeysuckle!) so if anyone important to you has a June birthday, you know what to get them!


Lilies are another staple of early summer. These perennial flowers add an eye-catching burst of color to any garden or bouquet. From the classic White Calla Lily, often used for weddings, to the Oriental Yellow and Costa Rican Orange Lilies, Main Wholesale Florist has a wide selection of colors and types to choose from. 

Fun fact: 

Lilies hold a lot of symbolism in their colors which is important to consider when adding them into a bouquet. White for purity, red for passion, pink for ambition, yellow for healing. 

It’s time to start sprucing up your gardens and home decor and there is no better time than June to start! Take a look at our catalogue for some ideas.