As a florist you need to learn how to price out flowers accurately. It can be easy to run into financial trouble when you are trying to price arrangements. Especially because a florist must take into account that items have a limited shelf life. does a wonderful job shedding light on topics like pricing.  These educational topics are written by professionals who have experienced the same business complications as other florists. If you are a florist, we highly recommend that you sign up for an account. Flower Chat provides opportunities such as networking, educational resources, marketing & promotion, and real business help. We have taken some points from the article to highlight some key points.

How to Price Flowers Accurately


1. Putting a value on your labor is tough, and if you do not establish a system you can loose money! Your labor, or anyone who is on your pay roll, needs to be accounted for.

2. Pricing out hard goods and supplies- Most florists mark up 2.5 – 3 times for hard good like easels, ribbon, baskets, etc. These items need to be priced accurately as well. Keep in mind that you need to checking the prices and make sure your profit margins align with the current market values.

3. The post goes into detail about price differentiation for weddings vs sympathy arrangements, etc.