Selecting flower shop hours is a common struggle for florists. Determining the best times to make your store open to the public can be tricky to perfect. Flower Chat has opened up the doors on the flower shop hours discussion and we believe it’s a rather important one. Submitting your comment can really add to the conversation, every point of view can be a great tool to help each other put in place the best store hours. Sign up for an account with Flower Chat today and join many other important florist and floral industry conversations that can keep you educated!
Flower Shop Hours
Important Questions to Ask to Help you Figure out Your Shop Hours: Answer them based on the people in your community. This will change if you live close to a college, in a tourist area, in a residential area, in a commercial area etc.

When do people need flowers?

When are people out of work?

What is the majority of customer needs in this area?

Should you be open on Sundays?

Many other factors come into play, especially if you are a new store. Each location, design style, and shop needs it’s overall plan. A lot of times new florists need to stay open long hours to make enough money to cover rent in the beginning. As time goes on, business will grow, and you can start to tailor your hours to customer needs and employees available. Take into account your options and join the Flower Chat discussion to see how other professionals handle this delicate balance between making the right amount of money and being open at the right times. Have you found another resource that has helped you better run your business? We would enjoy any feedback, leave a comment.