It’s become quite the debate! Large online resource for Florists, Florist 2.0 (previously known as flower chat), hosts large floral industry forums. A passionate topic came up that attracted quite the attention! Now we want to let you decided for yourself, continue the conversation.

Do you think you should include 1-3 flower food packets per floral purchase? To really get educated on a bunch of different point of views, you should check out the conversation on Florist 2.0. These opinions shed light on why some florists give out flower food and how that works for them. Then there is the opposite side of the spectrum, some florist believe that the flower food does not elongate the vase life of the flowers and they are too costly.

Flower Food

There are a number of experiments online that support the fact that flower food really does increase the vase life of flowers. Some research concludes that at home remedies do not work like professional flower food. What has your experience been?

Please comment and tell us what your experience as a florist has been!