Many times florists under estimate the power of flower food. It is important to learn the correct ratio of food to water while to prepping flowers for floral arrangements. Floral Management Magazine published  a study to educate florists about using flower food properly.

Flower Food

Floral Management Magazine says that “In the study, all of the vases containing flower food extended flower life when compared to untreated water. the vase life increased slightly with each increase in flower food concentration up to the recommended level, sometimes by up to nine days. The best results, in terms of both flower life and quality, came when a vase contained the recommended concentration of flower food. At higher concentrations the flowers displayed stem burn and vase life was reduced.”

Sometime it can be a hassle to measure the water and flower food but according to this study the flowers will last longer in the cooler. In order to make flowers more fresh for your customers, train employees and staff properly on re-hydrating flowers using professional flower food. The article also strongly recommends cleaning all containers each time new flowers are put into containers. This will also greatly increase the vase life of the flowers and prevent them from being placed in polluted water. These tasks may be hard to keep up with every day but they are worth it in the long run for your business. Make proper hydration and cleaning part of your normal routine!