As a florist, it is imperative to make alternative plans for business continuity. Growing and expanding becomes more achievable when all the appropriate resources are put in place to handle any combination of challenges. Florist’s especially need to have these plans because income is generated using a perishable product that does not allow for any lost time. Business continuity is really about building a strong enough foundation to sustain growth while bouncing back from unexpected challenges. In order to follow this business model and secure business continuity it is important to map out alternatives, plans, and resources that will get you through the number of challenges that you could possibly face.

1. Have a Plan for Reliable Primary and Secondary Flower Suppliers: Having more than one account with a wholesale florist is a strategy that will ensure the steady flow of quality product in a wide range of varieties.  Counting on one wholesale florist for all your flower needs can be a bit of a gamble. By establishing relationships with more than one wholesaler, you will increase your chances of obtaining specific flower varieties and hard to find items.

A perfect plan is to have a primary local wholesaler and primary online wholesaler, like Main Wholesale Florists’ Flowers Express. When a bride needs a specific flower and your primary local wholesaler falls through, you always have an option for overnight delivery of fresh cut flowers from another primary wholesaler. This can not only save your business but also make your business. It will enable you to build a business reputation of reliability and accountability, something all brides are looking for.

Remember to have some backups for secondary flower suppliers too, you can never be too prepared, it is better to have multiple options.

2. Natural Disasters: Lately, the reality of a natural disaster is something all business owners need to be mindful of. If your area is affected or if your local wholesaler cannot operate, your business will be down as well. In the time of a natural disaster sympathy flowers may be in demand. Having a secondary wholesale florist in a different geographic area will increase your chances of being able to obtain flowers and fill orders. This requires the setup with an online wholesale florist like Main Wholesale Florist’s Flowers Express, a real wholesaler, ready to ship out flowers to those with a tax I.D.

Next, make a plan for where you will work out of if your shop does not have power or accessible.

3. Plan for Growth:  As your business grows you  need to have a plan for keeping up with orders, scheduling/ booking events, processing flowers, making arrangements, getting flowers, making deliveries, and running the shop. With more orders you will need more hands, more flowers, and more hours. Document a sustainable business plan for your expansion and build in redundancy for flower sourcing.

You keep hearing the constant buzz around the term “business continuity” but struggle to put it into the context of the floral industry. Create a business with a strong foundation that is built with the resources and plans to sustain success through economic fluctuations, natural disasters, business growth, and unplanned flower shortages. You can make a big difference in your own businesses future by planning ahead.

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