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Picking your wholesale florist is an important step in sourcing your shop with premium quality long lasting flowers for your customers. That’s Main Wholesale Florist only buys from the most reputable growers, like Esmeralda Farms with premium and cost efficient products. You can surely trust the each time you shop with Main Wholesale Florist you are provided with a wide range of premium flowers from the best growers, in the quantities you need. Now-a-days you need to know where your flowers are coming from, and you can certainty take comfort in that Main Wholesale Florist has hand selected only the most reputable brands to help you achieve success.

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Here are just some of the reasons why Esmeralda Farms are a favorite of ours:

1. Diverse Growing Regions: Esmeralda has farms in Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, providing a diverse set of climatic conditions and soil compositions. Each farm provides specific varieties best suited for their climate.

2. Minimal Pesticides Used: All Esmeralda farms closley monitor their pesticide use to make their products more safe and usable. Their flowers never have the clear film that is a result of sprayed pesticide use.

3. Top Breeding and Biotechnology: Esmeralda farms has invested a great amount of resources and time into breeding long lasting beautiful flowers. They have perfected pure and cross breeding and even have over 100 patented varieties of flowers. For more information about these processed visit their website dedicated to flower breeding and biotechnology.

4. Huge variety of flowers: Their huge selection of flower make it easier for us to source a lot of different varieties for you to choose from and even special order from. Including just some of the following:

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