With the cool, crisp weather approaching, we have so many beautiful blooms to look forward to! Here is a look at some of our favorites for the autumn season..


We just love a bronze chrysanthemum! They can be arranged on their own in multiple colors or as a pop of fall to any arrangement. Brides love the bronze colors for fall as well! We have seen so many beautiful weddings incorporate either bronze or red rover mums. Red rover mums make an adorable boutonniere! Weather you are using them for an everyday arrangement or a wedding, you can’t go wrong with chrysanthemums for fall!


Cattail is another fall favorite! With its height and rustic, fall vibe, you can add it to pretty much any autumn themed floral design for a win. Cattails have long been used in medicinal ways as well as it’s seasonal aesthetic. It looks great paired with some tall green grasses to give the illusion it is in nature.


A fun fact about coxcomb is that it is named for its resemblance to a rooster’s head! We love the bright and beautiful colors coxcomb comes in. From the reddish hot pink to the burnt and bright orange we think adds a pop of color to any seasonal arrangement! Try pairing it with hydrangeas for a unique arrangement!


This thistle-like flower works perfectly as a whimsical filler flower for the fall. It’s punchy orange and yellow hue combined with its spikey texture bring some fun to your chrysanthemums, greens and roses. Safflower oil has health benefits as well!

Check out all of our seasonal beauties today by stopping in! We get a wonderful selection of fall favorites in daily!