We love our Calla Lilies here at Main Wholesale Florist! This diverse flower signifies magnificent beauty and should be something that you always keep in-stock at your shop.

If you want a flower that is totally unique and one that can be used in so many different ways, then consider reviewing our selection of calla lilies offered here at Main Wholesale Florist! Joe Guggia, AIFD, loves to hang them from the ceiling and walls to create intricate displays. These spectacular flowers can retain their freshness for many hours without a water source. He also says that the stems of calla lilies are extremely flexible and can be bent in creative ways to enhance your floral designs! 

callaCalla lilies also make wonderful additions to any arrangement that your customers will fall in love with. Calla lilies can be used for all sorts of occasions such as weddings, parties, and funerals. This flower can certainly hold its own! Try suggesting an all Calla Lily bouquet to your brides or try submerging them in water-filled cylinder vases for an elegant centerpiece. This functional flower comes in an astounding array of colors and sizes. Their cylindrical shape is like no other and will certainly wow your customers! Even better, these beauties are available year-round! Click here to learn about our Flower Express Service and have calla lilies shipped directly to your retail location.