Have you heard? Pantone has released it’s 2020 color of the year and it is… (drumroll) Classic Blue! Each year the professionals over at Pantone choose a color they think will trend this year in fashion, events, and lifestyle. Inevitably, it becomes a staple color for wedding season and we find a lot of trends are started using the Pantone color of the year.


There are so many different ways to incorporate blue into flowers. Here at Main we offer a wide variety of blue flowers as well as some sprayed blue flowers as well. As far as natural flowers, a staple and favorite among all types of occasions is delphinium. Weather it’s hybrid or 100, delphinium offers brilliant shades of blue from baby blue to electric. It’s soft and delicate blooms are a beautiful addition to any style of flowers.


Another blue favorite is thistle. This rustic filler has come a long way and it’s so commonly used. Thistle adds a good amount of texture to any arrangement or bouquet and really pulls it’s weight in the color department as well. It’s dusty blue color makes it a wonderful addition to other blue focal flowers as well as adding to a different palette for a little pop of blue. Either way, thistle makes a lovely filler for your classic blue look.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas are classic, no pun intended. They have withstood the test of time and are used again and again to bring a pop of blue to many different arrangements and styles. Their large size makes them a good addition to any arrangement and they pair perfectly with their white counterpart.


Lastly, the ever-elusive cornflower in blue. This bright blue autumn favorite has a wildflower look to it that makes it perfect for a fall-themed event. It can be difficult to come across and isn’t available all year long but it’s worth the wait and a perfect, striking blue.