SAF’s Annual convention is an event no florist who wants to grow business should miss. The convention gives all the secrets to success in the floral industry. There are a couple event highlights that are getting the attention of florist’s all over America. We want to highlight some of the events that catch our eye.

First is the opening breakfast speaker, Jim Dion. A retail consultant with knowledge of market success on it’s deepest levels. He is rather inspiring and tends to really get people thinking that change is achievable. Opening up with a call to action to change is powerful and could end up being life changing and good for your business and quality of life.

Next, every day there is a large exhibition of flowers that include new varieties, customer flower favorites, and the best products available. There is no better way to keep educated on the new items available than to come to a show and see the best of the best. Keeping up with new varieties and popular flowers will help you figure out the best way to stock quality flowers that your customers will love.

They get into the nitty griddy of what you need and what you do not need in terms of technology. This is a struggle for many florists and this is a wonderful way to keep up to date with your industry.

There is a design competition that provides great opportunity to learn new technical methods that could improve your floral designs. This is enjoyable, a great networking opportunity, and an easy source for learning new techniques.

Other great events:

  • Approach to Profitable Design
  • “Let’s Party” Capture Your Share of Prom Business
  • Social Media Essentials
  • Overcome Your Fear of “Difficult” Blooms
  • Building Big Businesses with Small Corporate Customers
  • Delivery: Cha-Ching!
  • Love and Loyalty: Creating a Company Culture that Earns Both

If you interested in going don’t forget that the early bird rates expire on August 15th! Learn more about pricing here.