By now you must know that Main Wholesale Florist is dedicated to premium quality product at the most cost effective prices. So, it probably does not shock you that one of our top growers includes Gardens America! It is markedly important that we only bring in product from the top suppliers in the world, let us prove to you why Gardens America fits the bill.

Gardens America logo

1. They are a family owned and operated business, yes just like us. Main Wholesale Florist has been run by the Gambuti family since it’s origin. Gardens America models themselves in the same family owned and operated precision that we value so much. This business model has allowed the company to expand to a network of 30 growers securing the most prodigious products.

2. The prime location. Gardens America was able to situate the main location in Miami FL. The biggest import hub for fresh cut flowers in the world. Their direct access to their local and international flowers creates the best situation for providing extremely fresh products.

3. Huge Selection. Many florists and floral designers want to incorporate interesting elements in their designs. We can always count on them to provide interesting and beautiful new flowers that we put on display for you to choose from.

gardens america specials

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