Wax Flower Fall Colors

The Wax Flower is a great arrangement filler and in the fall, its petals are a bright yellow that helps illuminate the bouquet in the darker season. Its waxy blossom brings out a wildflower rustic feeling wherever it is used. 

Pee Gee Hydrangea

The Pee Gee Hydrangea bring lightness and different petal colors depending on the season. They begin as a pale lime green and slowly turn a pinkish white in autumn. These big bunches of flowers bring hopeful energy to a bouquet and some lighter colors to a season with...

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus’s pale coin shaped leaves are a recognizable element to many popular arrangement styles. The evergreen plant adds an undeniably calming aroma and presence in a wreath, bouquet, or centerpiece.

Smoke Bush

Like their name implies, the Smoke Bush creates a warm purple hazy texture to an autumnal arrangement and it’s green and purple leaves set a seasonal tone as well. The Smoke Bush, also known as a Cotinus, has a long shelf-life and will last throughout the coming...


Bittersweet branches are a perfect addition to any autumnal centerpiece or fiery  wreathe. These native plants to North America are about as seasonal as it gets when it comes to Fall decor and have a versatility in usage which makes them a staple for the...