Rosaprima Premuim Ecuadorian Roses

Rosaprima roses are unique in many ways. The Rosaprima rose has been naturally cultivated in a way that sets it apart from others, creating a whole new category of roses that are well known for their beauty and charm.

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Rosaprima roses are elegant and have exceptional vigor; they have clean lush foliage, long thick stems and big buds with vibrant colors. They cultivate a range of nearly 100 premium varietal roses, many of which are exclusive and extremely rare and can only be found at Rosaprima.

Rosaprima's unique passion for flowers, sound business practices and a firm belief that they are doing important work, have created an entity that is successful and well respected around the world. Not only will you find exceptional roses and outstanding service at Rosaprima, but a company that is consistently raising the bar by setting new standards in quality, service, and corporate citizenship.

At Rosaprima you will find a responsible company who cares for the environment and well being of its employees. They play an active role in our community, supporting dozens of social and environmental initiatives both at the local and international level.

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